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The Golem Hunt

by Jennifer Rardin

Publication Date—May 16, 2011

A rabbi raises a terrifying ancient creature – the golem – to protect his congregation, but the results are far bloodier than he could ever have imagined. Now, Jaz and Vayl, the CIA’s top assassins, must hunt down the golem and end its reign of terror. The events of this short story take place between Biting the Bullet and Bitten to Death, books 3 and 4 of the Jaz Parks series.

Word count: ~4,800


I wiped the sweat off my upper lip and promised myself, again, that I wouldn’t bolt.  The Moses Temple of Champaign, Illinois had a reputation for beauty.  Its ceiling soared overhead, a circular masterpiece of artistry and engineering.  Angels spread their wings from an altarpiece so impressive I’d have been inclined to kneel—if it hadn’t been split and splattered with blood.  Rows of wooden pews leading up to double podiums tried to warm me.  But they were too broken to carry weight anymore.  So all I could do was stare down at what was left of Rabbi Gordon Klein and hope I didn’t have to stay so long that puking became an option.

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