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An Evening for Vayl and Jaz

by Jennifer Rardin

Publication Date—Jun 15, 2011

In this short story, told from each character’s perspective, Vayl and Jaz spend a romantic evening together. This story takes place after the events of Bitten to Death.

Word count: ~5,500


“Cassandra, this is an emergency!”  My phone beeped.  Crap!  Why do they put so many buttons on the side when they know sometimes you need to squeeze it like a stress ball?  I’d probably just texted Dave’s flight arrangements to the head of the FBI. “Jaz?  Do you know what time it is?” “You’re a freaking psychic!  I figured you’d be waiting up for my call!” “Which is about what?” I blew my breath out my nose, running my eyes around the hotel room one more time, like the antique desk or the handwoven rug might jump up and accuse me of the very crime I was trying to avoid.  “Clothes, Cassandra!  Geez, can’t you tell when I’m desperate?”

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