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Shambling with the Stars

by Jesse Petersen

Publication Date—Jun 15, 2017

Avery Andrews is her name and directing celebrity telethons after tragedies is her game. But the Northwestern Zombie Outbreak isn’t your average tragedy… and once the infection spreads to the studio, Avery and her crew will have to worry about staying alive, not ratings.

Word count: ~7,100


“Everyone on their marks, quiet on the set and… cue Blake.” With a sigh, Avery Andrews leaned back in her chair in the control room and watched as Blake Roberts, host extraordinaire, launched into his pre-prepared monologue to start the telethon. He looked right into the camera, kept his expression the perfect balance of a sad, but non-threatening (and attractive to all demographics) smile and never missed a mark. Yup, the man was a professional. A complete diva, jerk-off… but a professional.

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