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Paul and Brady Get Hoodoo with the Voodoo

by Jennifer Rardin

Publication Date—Jul 15, 2017

Two young college students end up in over their heads after making a deal with a voodoo queen, in this short story from author Jennifer Rardin.

Word count: ~8,200


“How do I look?” Paul’s hands shot straight out from his sides and he began to take tiny little circle steps so Brady could get the full effect before commenting. Since becoming his roommate, Paul had learned that Brady could be depended on for a lot, but fashion tips were always right at the top of the list. Brady said, “You look nervous, okay? I haven’t even parked my bike yet! Hang on. This darned kick stand will never just—oh there. Wait, spin the other way. Yes, just as I thought.” He picked a piece of road dust from Paul’s lily white shirt, tightened the knot on his tie, and said, “Fix your hair. Oh, and I don’t think she’ll be very impressed by that, either.” He pointed to the clip that kept the right side of Paul’s trousers from flapping into his bicycle chain.

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