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Countdown: A Newsflesh Novella

by Mira Grant

Publication Date—Aug 01, 2018

The year is 2014, the year everything changed. We cured cancer. We cured the common cold. We died.

This is the story of how we rose.

When will you rise?

Countdown is a novella set in the world of Feed. 

Word count: ~ 19,500


“The Rising is ultimately a story of humanity at both its very best, and at its very worst.  If a single event were needed to represent all of human history, we could do worse than selecting the Rising.” –Mahir Gowda “People blame science.  Shit, man, people shouldn’t blame science.  People should blame people.” –Shaun Mason May 15, 2014: Denver, Colorado. “How are you feeling today, Amanda?”  Dr. Wells checked the readout on the blood pressure monitor, his attention only half on his bored-looking teenage patient.  This was old hat by now, to the both of them.  “Any pain, weakness, unexplained bleeding, blurriness of vision…?” “Nope.  All systems normal, no danger signs here.”  Amanda Amberlee let her head loll back, staring up at the colorful mural of clouds and balloons that covered most of the ceiling.  She remembered when the staff had painted that for her.  She’d been thirteen, and they’d wanted her to feel at ease as they pumped her veins full of a deadly disease designed to kill the disease that was already inside her.  “Are we almost done?  I have a fitting to get to.”


Comments »

  1. When does it come out?

  2. When’s the UK release date? I loved the first 2 books in the Newsflesh set, and would love to be able to grab this on my kindle for the mean time until the final book in the trilogy.

  3. It’s not available in the UK yet… we’re working on it! In the meantime, if you sign up to the newsletter form at the top of this page, and select “UK” as your region, we’ll send you an email when the short stories are available.

  4. Hey, Ive checked all over the UK amazon website for the download and its still not up!
    dont let the yankees have all the fun, Im desperate for this short!!!!!!

  5. You need to release this in the uk, my mrs has read the others and is driving me insane cause she cant read this one, please please release it in the uk, do it for my sanity, i cant take mush more and i really dont want to commit murder!!!!!!

  6. Hi, could somebody please help me out?
    This title is (still) not available to Australia.
    Will it ever be?…

  7. Have we got any news on the UK release of this yet – we’ve just had Blackout (and a fantastic read that was too), and as usual I’m left waiting for more! I’m still (as far as I know) subscribed to the newsletter and I’ve not seen anything 🙁

  8. Will this ever be coming out in an actual physical format? Just wondering cause i wanna have all the books of the series and the novellas.

  9. please release it in paperback, nothing is better then a good zombie story on a cold winters night

  10. This needs to come out in Paperback, it wouldnt be right if it didnt.


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