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Zombie Jamboree

by Jennifer Rardin

Publication Date—Sep 19, 2011

A reality show host is in for a night she never expected when zombies take over her show, in this short story from author Jennifer Rardin.

Word count: ~2,900


Rindall Hunt leaned against the tallest tombstone in Browen Cemetery. Naturally the name carved across the base of the obelisk spelled BROWEN. Herbert John, born 1825, died 1899, slumbered on the south side of the plot. As far as Rindall knew, he’d never risen on Halloween, called or not. Neither had his second wife, Deborah Jane, R.I.P.ing on the opposite side of the stone. But his first love, Elizabeth Marie, who’d died in childbirth at the age of twenty-four, moved around so often that nothing grew on her grave but weeds.

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