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Quick Bites: A Short Story Collection

by Jennifer Rardin

Publication Date—Dec 15, 2011

Now, together in one place for the first time, Quick Bites combines Jennifer Rardin’s short stories into a wild ride of vampires, zombies, and voodoo that is impossible to put down. This omnibus edition includes the stories “Scouting Jasmine,” “The Golem Hunt,” “An Evening For Jaz and Vayl,” “Paul and Brady Get Hoodoo with the Voodoo,” and “Zombie Jamboree.”

Word Count ~ 27,000


Jasmine Parks leaned against a maple tree at the edge of a grassy path, one booted ankle crossed over the other.

Her left hand clutched a knife nearly as long as a machete. In her right she held the Walther PPK that had made her the envy of every other assassin in her department. She called it Grief, and Vayl noted that she had already transformed it into crossbow mode as it rested against her thigh. He supposed it would serve her well once again in her mission to smoke Almont, the Vulture of Indianapolis. Vayl had never met the vampire himself. But he had heard enough. In fact, the only reason he had refused the opportunity to eliminate a nest-leader with the audacity to turn a state’s governor and either blackmail or bully its top authorities into transforming its capital into his own, personal fiefdom, was because it interested him to see how Jasmine would handle the assignment. After all, she had become something of a mythic figure within the CIA’s most obscure section. A fragile beauty with a halo of fiery hair who spoke tersely when she deigned to talk at all, Jasmine had never failed to hit her target. According to the file Vayl had purloined, she seemed to have an uncanny ability to know where her prey crouched before they managed to pinpoint her position. And despite increasingly daring exploits, she had so far escaped unharmed. He found her methods fascinating and wished to observe her work firsthand. At least that was what he had told Pete.  And himself.

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