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Strange Days in Old Yandrissa

by John R. Fultz

Publication Date—Mar 15, 2012

In an age of untamed miracles and curses, a mad vagabond may solve the mystery of a king’s dilemma. Yet in a world gone mad, the only wise man is a fool.

Word Count ~ 6,400


An Age of Changes had fallen upon Old Yandrissa. The ancient oaks in the forest broke themselves free of the ground and floated light as clouds into the sky. Their exposed roots sprouted whispering masses of leaves and singing blossoms. The waterfall at the end of the River Oath began flowing upward, losing itself in a pearly spray among the clouds. The lake below the Marble Cliffs dried into a mire, where fish died or sprouted toad-like limbs, then crawled into the high grass to die. Newborn babies in seven villages sprouted wings from their backs and flew away like pink doves, chased by wailing, earthbound mothers.

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