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Forbidden Blood: A House of Comarré Novella

by Kristen Painter

Publication Date—May 15, 2012

Maris’s life as a comarré has come down to three options: escape her patron and spend the rest of her days looking over her shoulder, fight him for her freedom with the understanding it could mean her death or undergo dangerous experimentation to transform her blood into something even more powerful.

Before she can make a decision, she discovers the vampire who’s been charged with sunproofing her blood isn’t so fond of her patron either. In fact, Dominic is unlike any vampire she’s ever met, but is she desperate enough to put her trust in another noble?

Word Count ~ 21,700


Corvinestri, Romania, 2042 With a wary eye on the vampire across from him, Dominic raised his glass of Brunello. “You didn’t call me all the way from Tesoro just to share a bottle of wine, Arnaud.” The trip from the House of St. Germain’s hidden city in Italy had not been so long or so tiring. But not knowing what such a powerful member of the Tepes family wanted of him? That set Dominic on edge. Arnaud smiled and lifted his goblet as well. “Enough small talk, then.” He took a sip of the dark wine before putting the glass aside and leaning into the depths of the sofa cushions. With one ankle crossed over his knee, he began. “I have a project for you.

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  1. Sounds really interesting, we’ll be sure to check it out

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