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by T.C. McCarthy

Publication Date—Jun 15, 2012

The Armor and Weapons Division has sent Kyung to a remote planet to give their new battle suit a test run. There, she makes a shocking discovery: her own company has been illegally experimenting with a monstrous new genetic weapon–a weapon so deadly that she may not live to warn the world.


The inside of her combat suit smelled like fear. And old socks, she decided. Kyung had been buttoned up for almost three days now, longer than she had ever wanted and two days longer than anyone in her corporate division. A record. “Six thousand meters,” the computer said, “approximately one full Chinese division, ETA six hours. I warned you not to sneak away from the main force, Miss Kyung; you’re not a soldier. There’s now an eighty percent chance that if we don’t move farther south immediately, we will be unable to rejoin with friendly forces near Pak Chong Hui City.” Kyung wiped the ice from her faceplate to get a better view of the ridgeline opposite hers. She had seen it again. The thing looked like a man, but Kyung swore that it moved like a dog, sniffing the air before it disappeared in a cloud of snow.

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  1. Are there any plans to make this e-book available in the Google eBook store?

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