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The Heist

by Will McIntosh

Publication Date—Sep 17, 2013

A captivating new short story from Hugo Award winner Will McIntosh.

An unlikely crew has met up in Las Vegas to pull off the ultimate robbery. The target? Life itself.


Nobody gets hurt.  If anybody gets hurt, I’m out,” Frank said under his breath. “Frank, how the hell are we gonna hurt anyone?” Marty slowed, held out his empty hands.  “We’re old, we’re unarmed.   What are we gonna do, bite someone?”  He grunted.  “I can’t even chew through a bagel.” “I’m just saying.  I spent my life on the right side of the law, and I’m not changing now.” “Yeah, yeah, you’re a saint,” Marty muttered.   He lifted his head to take in the casino.  It was a thing of beauty–shining chrome, flashing lights, whooping alarms to signal that some poor rube just won a week’s worth of the good stuff, and never mind that the suction cups attached to his arm had siphoned off a month before he made the big score. A year ago Marty would have as soon vomited up his spleen as step inside one of these leach traps, but now it represented everything to him–hope, life, vigor.  Fewer trips to the fucking doctor.

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