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The Remaining: Faith

by D.J. Molles

Publication Date—May 27, 2014

D.J. Molles’ stunning Remaining saga continues in the second novella in the series. The Remaining: Faith can be purchased on its own, but has also been included in both print and electronic formats of the first novel, THE REMAINING, beginning on May 27th. If you’ve previously purchased the Orbit edition of the first novel you can request an updated file, which will include the new novella, from most retailers.

The world is slipping into chaos. A mysterious plague has come stateside, and Clyde Bealey suddenly finds himself with nothing but a suitcase full of worthless things and a desperate sense that he must prove himself to his pregnant wife. As he tries to lead his family to safety through a world filled with madmen, he will learn that the cost of his pride might be more than he can bear.


The soldier behind the megaphone blinked away sweat and took a loud, amplified breath. When he spoke, it was deliberate and slow, the sound of his voice taking on the muffled, squawky quality of any loudspeaker announcement.

“Folks, we cannot fit everyone on the bus with everything they’re carrying.” A very thin layer of patience was still intact. “We only have room for you to take one bag. That’s one bag perperson. If you can’t fit it into that one bag, you have to leave it behind. Also, there’re no firearms on the bus. If you have any firearms with you, please hand them over to the soldiers standing next to the big green boxes and we’ll try to make sure everything is returned to you at a later date.”


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